Getting to know Launch St. Louis board member Keri Kiblinger posted 04/12/12

By Joe Sullivan

Keri Kiblinger Launch St. LouisWe thought we’d put a face (as well as as a super power and theme song) behind our board members – so here’s round 1. Our own Stephanie Burke interviews board member Keri Kiblinger on her background and how she decided to get involved with Launch.

If you could high-five anyone, who would it be?Scottie Pippen

KK: The first thing I thought of was that I want it to be someone super tall so I would have to jump to reach them…  I saw Scottie Pippen in the Chi last year and I desperately wanted to give him a high 5!

What is your happy hour order?

KK:  On a brisk Fall evening it would be some fabulous glass of either a Malbec or Tempernillo or Cab (may I suggest the Educated Guess Cabernet at Sasha’s).  On the first few Spring like evenings… maybe a glass of Chardonnay!  But ALWAYS wine!  No question…

What’s currently on your to-do list?

KK: Laundry is always on my to do list!  I am slightly Type A (shocking I know) so I hate having something on my list that I can’t check off.  So… I try to keep them short and sweet.

Who had the most influence on your life?  Why?

KK:  This one is easy… my mother.  I could go on about her but I will try to keep it short.  Besides the obvious influence she has had (teaching me to walk, feeding me, taking me to school and otherwise raising me for 18+ years) she has been through so many different turns throughout her life and has made the most of every situation.  If she falls down she gets up and brushes herself off.  She enjoys life.  She is who she is and makes no exceptions for it.  I admire her strength, her spunk and her ability to love.

What do you like to do in your free time? Speaking of free time…where do you work?

KK: Does Launch count as a hobby????  Free time is a rare thing… but when I have it I spend it either watching everything on my DVR that I can’t watch during the week or hanging out with my friends.  Both usually involve wine.  I would love to tell you about some interesting hobby that I have but I don’t have a lot of time for those.  I have a bucket list I am working on… next up… the Kentucky Derby.  So my current hobby is pulling together the perfect outfit and hat!

I work in Clayton at 5 Horizons.  We consult on design/development and Asia sourcing for consumer products companies.

What’s currently on your nightstand?Alarm clock

KK: In list form:

  • Blink and Hunger Games- one work related book and one non-work related book.  Both that haven’t been finished yet.
  • My alarm clock that is the same one I have had since 1993.
  • A picture of my girlfriends and I in Cabo… good memories!
  • A ginger peach candle from Pier 1 Imports (it’s a consistent sent in my home).
  • And when I am in bed… my cell phone and nalgene bottle of water join the list above.

What’s your morning ritual?

KK: I won’t bore you with every detail but know that I have it down to the minute.  Alarm is going off by 5am and I am usually in the gym by 5:40 at the latest.  I have a protein shake after my workout and then get ready for work.  In between the shower, hair drying and picking out an outfit for work I usually check at least 5-10 emails and maybe have a conference call with China.  Isn’t that what everyone does in the morning?

What’s your theme song?

KK: Easy… Yeah by Usher featuring Ludacris and Little John!  Party anthem of my adult life!  Every time it comes on I want to dance!  My best friend Denise and I share an obsession with this song.  I spoke about it when I gave my maid of honor speech at her wedding and she ended the reception with this song!  We both looked at each other,  smiled and started dancing!  That’s why she is my best friend!

How did you get involved with Launch?

KK: I forced Matt Haywood to introduce me and talk me up.  We had coffee right when I moved back to the STL and he told me about Launch.  The concept seemed so cool… there was no way I was NOT going to be involved.  It took a lot of nagging but Matt caved and I got an interview.  It’s definitely one of the coolest groups I have ever been involved with!  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!  Thanks Matt!

Where did you go to high school? (C’mon, you knew we’d ask)

KK: Oakland High Scholl in Murfreesboro, TN!  But only for my senior year.  I was at Deltona High School in Deltona, FL before that.  That question never gets old if you are not from here… funny to see the looks on people’s faces!  Total shock that some people are not originally from the STL.

Favorite road trip destination?

KK: I hate riding (or driving for that matter) in cars so I rarely take road trips.  I did take one from Nashville TN to Daytona Beach FL my freshman year of college with my best friend at the time.  We had a blast in her beat up Nissan Sentra drinking Diet Mountain Dew and eating Wendy’s!  Sounds awful now…

What super-power would you most like to have and why?

KK: I definitely don’t want to be able to read minds… not sure I want to know what other people think of me!  Super strength would stink too… you would be the 1st person on everyone’s list to help them move furniture.  I wish I could be invisible.  It would be cool to be in a room without anyone knowing.  Or to be able to just “disappear” sometimes.

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