An interview with Launch board member Keith Goltschman posted 05/10/12

By Joe Sullivan

Keith Goltschman - board member of Launch St. LouisLaunch board member Keri Kiblinger interviews fellow board member Keith Goltschman, AKA Fred Bird.

What was your favorite cartoon growing up and why?

Donald and Scrooge Duck. Donald pushed the envelope for 90’s cartoons; everyone wore pants at the time, but he refused to conform. His Uncle Scrooge was influential in my childhood development as well. He taught me to distrust the banking system. When the market crashed, I didn’t lose money… well, except for a few of the dollars that ripped during my daily money swim.

If you could go get Fro Yo with anyone (dead or alive)… who would it be and what toppings would you choose for your Fro Yo (I know… 2 part question)?

My Grandpa. He passed away when I was young, and I never got to know him. My Fro Yo topping would be Ted Drew’s, and I would probably just eat the toppings.

What sports and/or clubs were you a part of in high school?

Soccer, Hockey, Track, Volleyball, and Lacrosse. Sports were a very big part of my high school experience.

What’s your motto?

Be someone people enjoy being around.

Fred birdWhat celebrity do people say you look like?

Fred Bird.

How did you get involved in Launch?

I have been friends with Kevin Haar (one of the LAUNCH founding members) for over two decades. I became interested as soon as he told me about the group. Kevin has shared ideas with me since we were in preschool. LAUNCH is much better than our idea to throw playground balls at the girls during recess. Getting kicked out of that grade school parking lot was one of the most embarrassing moments of my 20’s.

Where is your favorite spot to land for Friday Happy Hour in the STL?

The perfect spot for a Friday Happy Hour is at Paddy O’s or Mike Shannon’s before heading to the Cards game.

Do you have a hero or mentor or someone you look up to? Who is it?

My Dad has always been someone I look up to and is very supportive. Fun Fact: he made it to every single one of my high school soccer games; all four years.

If you could be immortal for one day… what would you do?

No brainer, Float Trip at Niagara Falls.

Top 3 best movies of all time in your opinion?

  1. The Patriot
  2. The Rock
  3. Beauty and the Beast

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