Three tips on how to raise money for your young friends board posted 03/26/13

By Keith Goltschman
Board Member

Raising money is a key aspect to any non-profit venture — just try to pay the caterer with goodwill or awareness and it will become painstakingly clear. Money may not buy happiness, but you need it for everything else.

In this blog post, we’ll cover a few tips on how to raise money for your young friends board.

1. Take it from each other

In addition to time, all board members should be prepared to make a financial contribution to the cause. If you recruit truly passionate people, they will be happy to donate money and time.

Come up with a suggested dollar amount and don’t hesitate to jest with your peers when donation time rolls around: “Is that a new watch? I bet it was expensive!”

2. Take it from others

There are several ways to double your contributions through matching programs. Lots of companies have cut back on non-profit giving, but if you approach your company asking them to match your contribution, they tend to view the request more favorable.

Governing boards (with deeper pockets) are often willing to match contributions from the young friends board. They have a vested interest in your success. Kiss up, ask everyone…you never know.

3. Set up a lemonade stand

Well not really, but you can always earn some money. A well-run event can raise lots of money. Invite the popular kids and hope for the best. Try to think outside of the box, as creative events are always better attended.

When you have an event, seek out sponsorships. Most sponsorships tend to come from companies with employees directly involved, so make sure everyone is asking their respective company. Another simple option for quick money is reaching out to local restaurants and shops. Propose a specific night when you will bring in customers (friends, family, hobos) in exchange for a portion of the night’s sales.

Everyone is different…

There’s no way to quantify the process of raising money. Inevitably, you have to find what works best for your group and run with it. Most donations tend to come from personal connections. Just remember, be creative and above all, make sure you have multiple revenue streams in place and are continually refining your process.

So tell us

Any tips, tactics, strategies of your own? Let’s get some discussion going.

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