Your content is only as good as your commitment posted 03/07/14

By Jon Franko

At this point, I think anyone with an internet connection and a pulse knows the large role content creation is playing in today’s marketing landscape. And there’s certainly no exception as far as nonprofits are concerned.  In fact, according to the folks at Hubspot, 65% of nonprofits are producing more content than they were a year ago.

But consistently, we see nonprofits that aren’t actively blogging. For those that cite their reason in the fact that they simply don’t believe in blogging, stop reading right away and consider something “more worthwhile” like sending out direct mail campaigns. For those that have bought in, but just can’t seem to make time to do it, this blog post is for you. There are many in the same boat. Violator numero uno – us!

That’s right, we’re guilty ourselves. For instance, before today, the last piece of blog content we had published on site dates back to early Fall 2013. That’s a long time ago. What happened? Where’d we go wrong? Why’d it fall apart? Was it not working?

There are a few learning opportunities with this self-induced mishap. The biggest of which was that we were asking way too much from someone who was already doing way too much on our marketing committee. While a bunch of us sat around and tapped our pencils in early Fall, this guy was nailing event designs, laying out and organizing a massive internal company document and trying to manage the content process as well – all as a volunteer. Shame on us – myself very much included. Content creation is a serious initiative that takes time and someone’s sole attention. It’s not fair to throw this on someone’s plate who is already at capacity. Especially when that person is a volunteer.

The second learning is that if you start to get behind, don’t give up on the initiative. As the time between blog posts grows, it becomes easier and easier to push back the one that’s currently on your plate. To me, it’s much like going to the gym. If I get in a good routine, going to the gym is easy. But if I miss three or four days in a row, I tend to continue to add to the streak, missing weeks, sometimes even months of ripping the elliptical (What do you expect? I’m in my 30s now). Routine, routine, routine. It’s absolutely essential that you do what you can to get yourself in a routine in your content marketing efforts.

The final learning is that “I don’t know what to write about” is simply not an excuse to not be committed. This is the age of the internet. Ideas and inspiration are at our fingertips – literally. Just check the web. For instance, our chairperson at Launch, Jonathan Goldford, owns a marketing agency (the Wired Impact) that only works with nonprofits. In doing such, his company actively manages a really solid blog that caters to the interests of nonprofit marketing professionals. So looking for content ideas? Thanks to companies like the Wired Impact, nonprofit blogging ideas are readily available.

In closing, there really simply isn’t a valid excuse for not keeping a regular blog. It’s way too important, and way too effective of a tactic to not dedicate some time and some resources. At least if growth is something you’re interested in. Thanks for reading!


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