Four key marketing roles to fill on your young friends board posted 08/02/14

By Joe Sullivan

As a consulting nonprofit that helps other nonprofits build their young friends boards, we at Launch are currently in the middle of our third two-year consulting engagement. And for all three of our nonprofit partners, the marketing committee has been one of the most difficult to fill.

As you recruit and build out your young friends board, you’ll find that some of the other committees can be filled with people of all different backgrounds. Enthusiasm and commitment matter more than anything. And among the young professionals that express interest in getting involved with your organization, you’ll likely find that those who aren’t sure where they could fit it will say, “I could join the marketing committee.”

But here’s the problem: like an attorney or a doctor or a plumber, there are certain natural and/or acquired skill sets and knowledge that will contribute to your marketing success. So rather than filling these particular roles with whoever raises their hands, we instead recommend actively recruiting those who are already well-suited for the job as marketing committee members.

So what are those specific marketing roles to fill?

1. Strategist / Project Manager

This person will lead the committee. Organizational skills are key as he or she will be holding committee members responsible for their tasks. This person should also have a grasp on marketing strategy as a whole. That means developing overarching marketing goals and making sure messaging is consistent and on-brand.

So where do you find this type of person? We’d recommend recruiting someone with account service or project management experience at a marketing or advertising agency. If not that, look for someone who has played one of these roles within a corporation’s marketing department.

2. Graphic Designer / Art Director

This one is important, and more than any other role on the marketing committee, you need someone with developed skills and experience. The Designer will be responsible for creating flyers, event programs, ads, email graphics, etc.

As for background, you’ll want someone well-versed in Photoshop and Illustrator (which is standard for anyone who has worked as a graphic designer or art director in the professional world). If your designer can design for online media as well, consider that a bonus! Again, try looking for someone who has experience as a designer within a marketing firm, ad agency or corporate marketing department.

3. Communications specialist

This role might be the most flexible within your marketing committee in terms of qualified candidates. This person will be responsible for writing the copy for your marketing communications and working closely with your Strategist / Project Manager to develop and guide overall brand messaging.

Ideally this person has a copywriting or journalism background, but most importantly, he or she needs to be a great communicator and strong writer.

4. Public Relations Specialist

The fourth and final role we recommend recruiting for your marketing committee is someone with experience in the PR arena. This person will develop media strategy materials and timelines, connect with relevant press outlets and ideally oversee social media strategy. His or her role exists to tell organization’s story and gain exposure among the right audiences.

As for background, look for someone with professional experience in public relations, and ideally someone who has also played a role in managing social media communications for a business or organization.

In conclusion

Like with any job, natural talents, experience and developed skills all play a big role in success. Although it’s not absolutely imperative that you fill these four roles for your marketing committee, doing so will help you get the most out of your marketing initiatives.

Now go recruit your marketing committee!

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