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By Emily Gavilsky

SiSi Beltran Headshot small Elizabeth “SiSi” Beltran was raised in Puerto Rico and came to St. Louis in 2000 to attend Washington University where she triple majored in International Business, Marketing and Romance Languages. She has spent the last 11 years at Build-A-Bear Workshop, focused on international marketing for the first 10 years and now, as the Director of Marketing Activation, on global marketing integration and execution for all Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in the world. She currently serves in different roles with Forest Park Forever, Washington University Olin Business School, United Way’s Multicultural Leadership Society and Casa de Salud. We caught up with SiSi to learn more about her involvement in our community! Read more below. 

Tell us about you…in 140 characters or less.

I grew up in Puerto Rico but am a product of an Oklahoman momma and Cuban padre.  Somehow figured out in college exactly what I wanted to do professionally and started doing exactly that 30 days after graduation.  My passion is taking products to new international markets and have been privileged to do that for Build-A-Bear Workshop for past 11 years.  I currently am the Director of Marketing Activation, ensuring we deliver an integrated marketing plan across all marketing channels and focusing in specifically on our retail stores. Not being a St Louis native, I feel it is key to focus on my community and doing my part to strengthen it however I can.  I’ve had the privilege of serving on multiple boards in the community and focus my energy on achieving shared goals through leveraging team strengths.

As a leader in the community, what do you look for in young people that you might associate with and/or hire?

DRIVE and curiosity!  It is clear when someone has drive and is naturally curious about their environment, both on a personal and professional level.  These people exude enthusiasm and make collaboration much more fun and productive. While the question “why” may come across to some as frustrating, I love the curiosity that fuels it and think it makes all work stronger.  

What’s your secret to balancing a healthy personal, professional and volunteer-driven life?

Being involved in the community “balances” me out.  It gives me a chance to meet new people, understand my surroundings more, and collaborate with others to achieve common goals beyond our “day jobs.”  It is so stimulating to be around other civic leaders with different backgrounds and learn from their perspectives while working together.

What’s your secret to productivity? Any apps, habits or tactics?

We all have a to-do list that seems to be infinite and that’s why it stays that way!  I re-write my list almost every day.  Once you’ve written the same action item enough times you can’t wait to get it done and put off procrastinating!  I also use the flags in Outlook to signal things that I need to address that day but need the time to do so.  Then I make sure I don’t shut down my computer for the day until I’ve addressed the flagged items.

What inspires you to do that work that you do?

While Build-A-Bear is often perceived as a company that sells stuffed animals – we are so much more.  So many memories have been made in our store and it is an honor to be part of making those happen.  Despite having rough days in the office or spending hours/days/weeks solving an issue, knowing, that in the end we’re going to deliver countless smiles, makes it all worth it!

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