Light a Fire Under Your Communication Skills with Bonfyre posted 07/06/16

By Jeanne Kaufmann

bonfyreThere are times in every year where the mere checking of our work inboxes can evoke a sense of dread.  Whether you’ve stepped away for an hour, an afternoon or (if you’re really lucky), a weekend, the opening of your inbox can often result in a flood of emails that can feel insurmountable.

It’s not that every email isn’t important and necessary, they are, but the mere numbers alone can be daunting to even the speediest of readers.

So, is this a burden we must forever face? Luckily, no!  We spoke with Jordan Wyer, a member of the Young Friends of the APA Board here in St. Louis, about a new solution to this not-quite-age old problem: Bonfyre!

Bonfyre is an event-based app that was created to help those who are working on a project share relevant information, write comments and even share photos. Basically, it is a tool where all those who are involved can read and comment on everything that appears on the “news feed.” You can even #hashtags topics and @mention other users, making it super user-friendly for us Twitter-lovers!

But Bonfyre has many uses beyond just the events. It is an ideal way for boards, committees, or co-workers to discuss topics, pose questions and brainstorm ideas in a way that tracks every step of the conversation without overwhelming your inbox. It’s very adaptable, so it can be used in whatever way is best for your organization. And there are even two versions, a free version that anyone can use, or a premium version that many non-for-profits have already implemented into their day to day activities. It’s a great tool for keep groups engaged in the project or cause through in-person interactions and ideal for increasing engagement around events.

So if you and your inbox are needing a break, why not try Bonfyre? Click here to learn more, and see how this great app can work wonders for you!

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