Welcome Wesley Hoffman to Gateway to the Future posted 10/04/16

By Erin Willmann

Wesley Hoffman is no stranger to Gateway to the Future, and we are excited to welcome him back for the second year in a row. Through his career and networking service, Stay Connected, he helps connect people with businesses, job opportunities, and others who can help them find their career paths. He also hosts a weekly podcast and blog focusing on motivation, networking, and seeking new life experience. His background in several different industries and creative spirit give him a unique perspective on person-to-person communication, social media, and overcoming adversity.

What do you look for in young leaders you’d hire/work with in your organization?

People who want to make a difference, live outside of their comfort zone, and take on new challenges personally and professionally.

What’s your secret to productivity?

Work doesn’t feel like work when you approach it with a positive attitude. It’s not a secret, just something most people don’t think about!

What’s your most memorable experience as a leader in the community?

The entire entrepreneurial journey has been a memorable experience. Some of our big Treehouse events have been very memorable. Simply because it’s great to see so many people in the community come together!

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