Introducing the Newest Launch 18-Month Partner, Urban Harvest STL! posted 02/05/18


After an extensive review process, Launch St. Louis’ 18-month partnership committee is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Urban Harvest STL to help them develop a new Young Friends board, the Young Friends of Urban Harvest!

The mission of Urban Harvest STL is one that we at Launch are incredibly passionate about for many reasons, one of which is how targeted it is to the St. Louis community. Their goal of eliminating food deserts and food insecurity in St. Louis while also creating atmospheres for community interaction is not only appealing to many diverse groups, but will have a ripple effect that will influence development in St. Louis for years to come.

Urban Harvest STL has a strong vision and purpose for the Young Friends board Launch will be helping them to create and manage. Young people are a very important part of what Urban Harvest does, and the Young Friends group will help to organize and focus these volunteers. The board will also bring a new level of skill, expertise and passion to the team, and help to develop events and ideas that will allow Urban Harvest STL to flourish and evolve. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Young Friends of Urban Harvest STL will form a pipeline of new leadership to eventually serve as the next generation on the parent board.

To kick off recruitment for the Young Friends of Urban Harvest, Launch St. Louis and Urban Harvest STL are holding a happy hour this week Thursday at Urban Chestnut in the Grove.  Please see here for more information and we look forward to seeing you there!

Five Key Takeaways From The Launch “Gateway To The Future” Summit posted 11/14/16

More than 100 young professionals from the St. Louis area gathered at T-REX in downtown to connect with one another and learn from some of the area’s top nonprofit leaders at the 4th annual Launch “Gateway to the Future” Summit.


Help us Welcome Gateway to the Future Panelist, Robyn Rosenberger posted 09/28/16

Robyn Rosenberger started TinySuperheroes in 2013 while living in Seattle, WA. She has since moved with her husband, dog and two boys to live closer to family in St. Louis, MO. Robyn is not a seamstress by trade, but has embraced the incredible journey that TinySuperheroes has become. (more…)

When Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why One Non-Profit Opted for a Smaller Fundraiser posted 08/03/16

When it comes to events, the common mindset is “Go Big or Go Home”.  This is especially true for Non-Profits, since often the number of annual events is limited so you want to make sure every experience for your guests is significant and memorable.   (more…)

Summer Non-Profit and Young Professional Events posted 05/23/16

Downtown St Louis, MO with the Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch at sunrise

Every Tuesday this Summer:

APA Adoption Center
Tuesday Tails 10:30 am – 11 am

Every Tuesday APA Education Director Jennifer Blome and special guests host an hour of storytime for children ages 2-5 and their parents. All are welcome, no registration necessary. Get details here.

Spring Non-Profit and Young Professional Events posted 03/24/16

Every Tuesday this Spring:
APA Adoption Center
Tuesday Tails
10:30 am – 11 am

Every Tuesday APA Education Director Jennifer Blome and special guests host  an hour of storytime for children ages 2-5 and their parents. All are welcome, no registration necessary. Get details here. (more…)

January 2016 Nonprofit and Young Professional Events posted 01/06/16


Make the most of the New Year with a few cocktails and good company while exploring St. Louis’s vibrant nonprofit landscape. Here’s what civically minded young professionals are up to this month: (more…)

Welcome Irene Agustin to the panel for Gateway to the Future! posted 10/08/15

Irene picture Irene Agustin has spent most of her career working with homeless and at-risk individuals and families. Empowering individuals and families is at the heart of her personal and professional mission. After over 15 years in the nonprofit sector, she recently switched to the public sector and now serves as the Chief Program Manager for the Homeless Services Division at the City of St. Louis. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Creighton University and Master’s in Social Work from Saint Louis University. We caught up with Irene to learn more about her activism in the St. Louis community!

This is an STL event. Where’d you go to high school?

Parkway South

What traits do you think are most important in a leader?

Being a good listener, empathetic and supportive. (more…)

Launch is pleased to announce Edward Domain as a panelist for the 2015 summit posted 10/05/15

EVD Edward Domain is the founder and CEO of He is an Army veteran, a writer, an Uber fanatic, and the host of “The Domain Tech Report” on the Nine Network.

Tell us about youin 140 characters or less.

Edward Domain is often loud and never boring. A chronic early adopter, entrepreneur, Army veteran and raconteur.

What traits do you think are most important in a leader?

  1. Will. Being willing to do the hard thing in the face of daunting odds.
  2. Decisiveness. Taking the info available and making a decision. Indecisive leaders do not inspire
  3. Humility. A leader has to lead, but to inspire others to follow, a leader needs to be willing to jump in and do whatever needs doing. No task too small, no challenge too big.


Help us welcome Gateway to the Future panelist, Tara Pham. posted 10/05/15

olio_headshot Tara, a transplant from San Francisco to St. Louis, is a lover of cities. Her background in research on urban design’s impact on public health has given her a unique approach to two previous media-based ventures and working within several non-profits in the arts and in entrepreneurship. Tara has since founded CTY, a civic data company whose flagship product, Numina, is analytics for places. Tara is also an organizer of Sloup, a monthly soup dinner that has given over $30,000 in microgrants to 60+ creative grassroots projects in St. Louis.

What do charitable foundations mean to a community, specifically St. Louis?

We’re lucky to live in a very philanthropic and generous region. Part of what makes St. Louis so great is its amazing free institutions, thriving performance art organizations, and beautiful parks. Our charitable foundations are a really important mechanism to create access. We need them to reach and empower audiences, families, individuals, and projects that are often overlooked by traditional funders, city services, economic development, and so on. Especially here and now, charitable foundations and nonprofits in general are in a unique position to foster dialogue, promote civic engagement, and hold our leaders accountable.