Technology Trends in Nonprofits posted 08/30/17

In this day and age, it is almost impossible to go anywhere and not see the world lit by the blue light of our smartphones.  You cannot deny that reliance on our technology has become the new normal, and we say if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

With the advances of the 21st century, there are innumerable new opportunities to utilize digital tools to support the evolving social needs of our communities.  Nonprofits can take advantage of all sorts of technology tools to make their work more impactful and effective. These tools can include social media, digital case management, communal information navigation and research, as well as online philanthropy. Take some time to explore how we can best apply technology to further social good, as well as create more opportunities for innovation in the nonprofit sector!

If we can’t convince you, perhaps these statistics will:

  • In 2015 4% of charitable giving occurred online, in 2016 11.3% occurred online. 1/3 of these online donations occurred as a result of peer to peer fundraising.
  • 13,570,983  — the number of new people who used the VolunteerMatch network in 2015 to explore opportunities for a cause they believe in.
  • $1.66 Billion — the estimated collective impact of the volunteers who used VolunteerMatch to get involved in 2015.
  • However, 65% of nonprofits don’t have outreach and marketing plan and 24% don’t have any digital strategy. Online donations still are a minority of overall philanthropic giving.
  • Email has the highest ROI for fundraising online. $40 is raised for every $1 spent
  • For every 1000 website visitors, nonprofits raise $612
  • Responsive pages yield 34% more donations. – Why? People are more likely to make a donation if the option is available on every screen size
  • 51% of nonprofit website visitors access from a mobile device.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting topic, make sure to attend the Launch St. Louis 2017 Gateway to the Future Summit on September 14th, featuring a panel on Technology Trends in Nonprofits with Elise Hastings, Executive Director of Givable, Emily Knippa, Content Marketing Manager of United Way St. Louis, Matt Menietti, Executive Director of GlobalHack, and Perry Drake, Director of Business Collaboration and an Assistant Teaching Professor of Digital and Social Media Marketing in the College of Business Administration at the University Of Missouri – St. Louis.  Buy your tickets here today!

Statistics courtesy of Nonprofit Tech for Good, Blackbaud and VolunteerMatch

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