Four key marketing roles to fill on your young friends board posted 08/02/14

As a consulting nonprofit that helps other nonprofits build their young friends boards, we at Launch are currently in the middle of our third two-year consulting engagement. And for all three of our nonprofit partners, the marketing committee has been one of the most difficult to fill.


Your content is only as good as your commitment posted 03/07/14

At this point, I think anyone with an internet connection and a pulse knows the large role content creation is playing in today’s marketing landscape. And there’s certainly no exception as far as nonprofits are concerned.  In fact, according to the folks at Hubspot, 65% of nonprofits are producing more content than they were a year ago. (more…)

How to name your associate board or young friends group posted 07/01/13

In marketing and brand development, a lot goes into a naming project — research, brainstorming, more research, a thorough scanning and referencing of your Synonym Finder or Thesaurus, a USPTO search…the list is long! It’s a very time intensive project and it can get expensive fast. Not to mention, before you even embark on this often bumpy, long journey, you’re going to want to spend some time with the thoughts of those who’ve been there before. Alex Frankel’s Wordcraft, for instance, is a fantastic read on the subject of naming if you’re a word nerd. (more…)

If you build it, will they come? Five tips for driving fundraiser event ticket sales posted 04/23/13

Organizing a major fundraising event for a non-profit group requires a lot of planning, resources and commitment. Getting people to show up for your event — especially for a newly-formed young friends group — is often an even bigger challenge. Here are five quick tips to help make your next fundraising event a success. (more…)

5 marketing strategy tips for a non-profit associate board posted 03/07/13

Throughout the past three years, Launch has served as a consultant in building associate boards (young friends boards) for two St. Louis non-profits (Friends of Kids with Cancer and Friends of the St. Louis University Liver Center).

We’ve learned plenty in the process and want to share what has and has not been successful. If you’re unfamiliar with what an associate / young friends board is in the first place, here’s an overview of what they are and the purpose they serve.

Here are five marketing guidelines that an associate board can use to effectively promote and contribute to the mission of the parent non-profit organization. (more…)