Already have a Young Friends group but could use a little guidance on how to make it better? LaunchU is our DIY version of the 12-Month Partnership. LaunchU consists of five two-hour sessions designed to address the most important parts of building a Young Friends group:

  1. Structure/purpose of the Young Friends group
  2. Recruiting of board officers
  3. Developing brand marketing and PR
  4. Recruiting and engaging membership; engaging the committees
  5. Executing the purpose (fundraising, awareness, volunteer base
    growth, etc.)/ Completing the mission social gathering

What’s included in each session?

Each meeting takes place from 6:00-8:00 p.m. This “mini Launch” condenses the 12-month Launch program, walking nonprofits through the process of building a young friends board, recruiting its members and implementing the mission.

Each two hour session will consist of…

  • A thorough “debriefing” on the assignment from the prior meeting, as each participating organization presents on their experience in accomplishing the previous meeting’s assigned task
  • An hour-long presentation on current month’s topic, with an assignment due the following session
  • Networking, problem solving, brainstorming and implementation time

What does it cost?

$250 per individual or $350 per organization (up to three attendees).

Any cost associated with location/refreshments will be covered by the fees.

What do previous attendees think?

“The feedback from other organizations going through LaunchU was very helpful. It was nice to know we shared similar challenges, and to get their feedback about what worked in their efforts and what did not.” Jeremie Ballinger, Executive Director, Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis

“We have created a YFG and will be having our second gathering in November. LaunchU was absolutely helpful!” Cassandra Cooke, Director of Development, Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments


Awesome! Because we are now taking entries for our March 2020 program! Fill out the accompanying form. Someone from Launch will be in touch with you shortly.