Edward Domain

Launch is pleased to announce Edward Domain as a panelist for the 2015 summit posted 10/05/15

EVD Edward Domain is the founder and CEO of Techli.com. He is an Army veteran, a writer, an Uber fanatic, and the host of “The Domain Tech Report” on the Nine Network.

Tell us about youin 140 characters or less.

Edward Domain is often loud and never boring. A chronic early adopter, entrepreneur, Army veteran and raconteur.

What traits do you think are most important in a leader?

  1. Will. Being willing to do the hard thing in the face of daunting odds.
  2. Decisiveness. Taking the info available and making a decision. Indecisive leaders do not inspire
  3. Humility. A leader has to lead, but to inspire others to follow, a leader needs to be willing to jump in and do whatever needs doing. No task too small, no challenge too big.