Tara Pham

Help us welcome Gateway to the Future panelist, Tara Pham. posted 10/05/15

olio_headshot Tara, a transplant from San Francisco to St. Louis, is a lover of cities. Her background in research on urban design’s impact on public health has given her a unique approach to two previous media-based ventures and working within several non-profits in the arts and in entrepreneurship. Tara has since founded CTY, a civic data company whose flagship product, Numina, is analytics for places. Tara is also an organizer of Sloup, a monthly soup dinner that has given over $30,000 in microgrants to 60+ creative grassroots projects in St. Louis.

What do charitable foundations mean to a community, specifically St. Louis?

We’re lucky to live in a very philanthropic and generous region. Part of what makes St. Louis so great is its amazing free institutions, thriving performance art organizations, and beautiful parks. Our charitable foundations are a really important mechanism to create access. We need them to reach and empower audiences, families, individuals, and projects that are often overlooked by traditional funders, city services, economic development, and so on. Especially here and now, charitable foundations and nonprofits in general are in a unique position to foster dialogue, promote civic engagement, and hold our leaders accountable.