Working with Launch

We fuel and ignite young friends groups

We’re a collaboration of St. Louis’ young professionals working to fuel a stronger St. Louis charitable community by helping local nonprofits build young friends groups, or junior board groups. There are two ways to work with Launch St. Louis: the 18-Month Partnership and LaunchU.

The 18-Month Partnership

The first is by working with us in our 18-Month Partnership. In simple terms, our team of young professionals works to recruit, train and eventually Launch your very own young friends group – in just a year and a half. We handle everything from start to finish. To get started,  you just need to apply, which you can do by clicking the button below.

Criteria needed to become a Launch St. Louis partner are simple. Our partners must have a passion for developing their nonprofit with new energy in the form of a young friends group. Our partners must trust us as the experts. We’ve done this before. And if we’re given ownership, we’ll do it right for you. Our partners must believe and understand the importance of developing new talent in the St. Louis area. We will groom future leaders that can take your parent organization to new heights in the years to come.



Already have a Young Friends group but could use a little guidance on how to make it better?LaunchU is our DIY version of the 18-Month Partnership. LaunchU consists of six two-hour sessions designed to address the most important parts of building a Young Friends group:

  1. Structure/purpose of the Young Friends group
  2. Recruiting of board officers
  3. Developing brand marketing and PR
  4. Recruiting and engaging membership; engaging the committees
  5. Executing the purpose (fundraising, awareness, volunteer base
    growth, etc.)
  6. Completing the mission social gathering

This “mini Launch” condenses the 18-month Launch program, walking nonprofits through the process of building a young friends board, recruiting its members and implementing the mission. Sounds like something you’d be interested in?